Colour Banded Tui

Colour Banded Tui
C Banded Tui © Peter Reese

Friday, 4 July 2014

Hornsey Rd 4 July - Silvereye round up

I set the funnel trap here this morning to check on the Silvereyes that were about. Caught a total of 59 with only 10 new birds and 49 recaps. The oldest recap was banded in 2009. With the fine mild weather last weekend Silvereye numbers at the feeder appeared to drop significantly from last week but with the arrival of a cold southerly on Wednesday numbers increased rapidly.

On 4 July last year 101 Silvereye were caught with 40 of these being new birds. This year there appears to be very few birds moving into the area hence the high recap to new ratio. Last year following two major southerly storms a big influx of birds arrived with 1 being caught that was banded in the South Is at Kaikoura. Unless the weather takes a turn for the worse I don't expect that to happen this year.

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