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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Houghton Valley School Saturday 28 June - Silvereyes

A group of us had a banding session at the regenerating bush patch next to the Houghton Bay School on Saturday afternoon. I had hoped to go there during the week to have some of the school kids take part but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. Hope to have another go this week but again the forecast doesn't look hopeful.
The "Team" with Mary our scribe looking very comfortable

On Saturday we caught 46 birds, almost all Silvereyes with the only others 1 Blackbird, 1 Song Thrush (first one for the site) and a Dunnock all new.
The Song Thrush, aged as a 1 by the thorns on its coverts.
Of the Silvereyes 38 were new and 5 were recaps, 2 banded in Houghton Bay about 1km south, 1 Mt Albert 1.5km north, 1 in the gully below my house 1km NE and only 1 from this site. We didn't band at this site last year due to damage done by the Southerly gales in late May early June.

A feature of the day was the number of locals that joined us for periods while they were out walking in the area, and resulted in some very interesting discussions.
One of our visitors holding a Silvereye ready for release.
We have had very good news, Sarah and Kyle a couple of regular banders, have a little hatchling - a baby boy called Finn. Unfortunately due to bureaucracy he will be a Branta canadensis not a Apteryx australis.

PS I have just received photos of the new arrival and parents, they all look well and he looks a little cracker.

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