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Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Queenstown - a touch of yellow

After a couple of days with no banding I have managed to get nets up over the last three. Rather surprisingly the dominant species was Yellowhamer with a sprinkling of some of the other usual suspects. The combined total for the 3 days was 45 birds of 8 species with 30 new and 15 recaptures.

Blackbird - 2 (4) included in the recaps was the oldest recaptured here.
House Sparrow - 9 (1)
Dunnock - 1 (2)
Yellowhamer - 15 (3) 1 of the recaps was banded back in January the others recently.
One of the new Yellowhammers
Goldfinch - 0 (1) this recap was the first  of the species banded here,
Starling - 1 (0)
Tui - 1 (2)
One of the Tui recaps, an adult male.
Bellbird - 1 (2) the new bird was a female, the first caught for a while and helps to address the sex imbalance a little.
The new female Bellbird

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