Female Bellbird

Female Bellbird
Female Bellbird

Monday, 19 June 2017

Wellington Zoo - some recapture data

With the Wellington crew finally having a successful catch of birds on Saturday Ross has sent me the recapture information. Most of the recent recaptures at the Zoo have been of birds banded in 2015, the last year when significant numbers were banded. But there were a number of older birds caught.

B-114433 a male House Sparrow was banded on 17 April 2010. At 2485 days from banding it is now the oldest Sparrow recaptured at the Zoo, and interestingly this is the first time it has been recaptured.
BP-9884 a female House Sparrow was banded 18 Oct 2014 it was banded as an adult and although only 939 days from banding is at least 4 years old which is older than most Sparrows manage to get to.
AP-10461 a Silvereye was banded 13 April 2013 and at 1344 days is starting to get into the old bird category.
AP 11787 another Silvereye was banded 22 June 2014, 1091 days from banding and just a few days short of 3 years.
DP- 3165 a female Tui was banded 23 Dec 2012 and recaptured Dec 2016. At 1455 days from banding it is the oldest female Tui recaptured at the Zoo. We have had older colour band re-sightings and much older male recaptures but females prove a bit harder to recapture.

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