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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Awarua Bay, Invercargill - Southern NZ Dotterel

After the Birds NZ Conference at Te Anau a number of attendees travelled to Awarua Bay near Invercargill in an attempt to catch and colour band Southern NZ Dotterels at their winter roost site. This particular Dotterel, which only breed on the higher parts of Stewart Is, are in a steep population decline.

They managed to catch 9 individuals with a sole Bar-tailed Godwit as a bonus. All these birds are now colour banded which will enable much better monitoring and population estimates to be done.
Setting up the cannon net. Photo Rachel Hufton.
The Bar-tailed Godwit being processed. Photo Rachel Hufton.

One of the Dotterels with her new colour combo. Photo Rachel Hufton.

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