Colour Banded Tui

Colour Banded Tui
C Banded Tui © Peter Reese

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hornsey Rd Tue 7 July - Silvereye roundup

I set the funnel trap here this morning to check on the Silvereyes before the Southerly storm arrived. Caught 62 Silvereyes, only 6 were new birds and the rest recaps. The oldest bird was banded in 2007 with another from 08 and 1 from 09. With only the 6 new birds and most of (including the 3 oldies) having been banded or recaptured recently it appears that the population has been pretty stable for the last week or so. We will see what affect the storm has when I set the trap next week, especially if it is as bad as forecast.

I also set a separate trap that has been baited to attract Sparrows and Greenfinch. The Sparrows are too smart to get caught but I did catch 6 new Greenfinch and 2 recaps, 1 of which had been banded at the Zoo last month.

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