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Friday, 7 February 2014

No banding but a few recovery reports

With the heavy rain this afternoon the banding session at Houghton Bay tomorrow has been cancelled and it will probably be a few days before it clears enough for a session, especially at our stream sites.

We have had a few recoveries reported recently, but none of them had moved very far from their banding site -
A Blackbird banded at Melrose Park in Oct 09 was found dead in the Zoo in Dec 2013.
Another Blackbird which was banded at Newtown Park on the other side of the Zoo was found dead near the Giraffe enclosure within the Zoo on 24 Jan.
A House Sparrow that was banded 20 Nov 2013 at Prince of Wales Park was found dead nearby a couple of weeks later. This is the first recovery report from this site.
A house Sparrow that was banded at Bridie's on Hornsey Rd in Dec 10 and recaptured at the Zoo in March 13 was found dead on Russell Tce. So although not big distances it had still moved around quite a bit.
Yesterday I picked up a banded Sparrow on Houghton Bay Rd.  It was one of a few juveniles that I banded at my place a couple of weeks ago, so hadn't survived long.

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