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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Island Bay Wed 1 May - Sparrows & Chaffinch

Kate, Mary, Otis and I had a successful banding session at Island Bay this morning. We caught a total of 78 birds of 6 species with 74 new but only 4 recaptures. This compares with a total of 61 birds in a session this time last year.

Species caught were -
Blackbird - 6 (1) the majority of the birds were 1st year males.
One of the 1st year male Blackbirds appeared to have moulted  P5 which is a bit unusual.
Dunnock - 4 (0)
Chaffinch - 15 (0) this is the most Chaffinch we have ever caught at this site in 1 day.
The wings of 2 different aged male Chaffinch
Greenfinch - 5 (0)
Fantail - 1 (0)
Mary, our chief scribe about to release the Fantail under the watchful eye of Ken,our host.
House Sparrow - 43 (3) The oldest recap was banded Feb 2011
One of the Sparrows had a streaked belly similar to a juvenile Greenfinch
As usual we had great hospitality with a superb morning feast as shown below.

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