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Welcome Swallow
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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Karori Cemetery Saturday 30 June

Gen, Nick and I spent a couple of hours at the Karori Cemetery this morning partly to see what birds were there and also for Gen to hopefully get some more samples. Although we did not catch a lot of birds it still was I believe a successful session.
Dogwood fruit a month ago now almost all consumed
 In all we caught 8 birds with 5 new Blackbirds
One of the Female Blackbirds had a very prominent growth bar across it's wings and tail giving us no trouble aging it as a 1

Three Tui were caught 1 new and 2 recaptures, they were all big males tipping the scales at near or over 200g. One of the recaps was banded at the beginning of May and has gone from 148g to a massive 210g - there must be good stuff in the Dogwood fruit. The other recap was banded 30 May 2010 at the same spot.
Gen with the biggest male Tui, she managed very well only losing a small amount of (her) blood.

Male Tui wing showing the wing slot in the 7th primary which they use to make the  whiring sound  when giving dominance displays.

Cats were again a potential problem with several prowling the area and a close eye had to be kept on the nets. When one of the Blackbirds squawked loudly when being processed several appeared almost instantly.

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