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Monday, 23 April 2012

Zoo Stream Fantails

I have had two attempts to catch Fantails at the Zoo Stream (at the moment more of a trickle) with some success. They come in to bathe in the evening just before dark and seem easier to catch than during the day, but even then they frequently hover in front of or bounce out of the net.
The Zoo Stream site, a net is on the left with another behind the foliage on the right.
 Last Monday 16 April I caught 5 with the bye-catch of a Chaffinch. This evening, 23 April I also caught 5 and 3 Blackbirds and a Chaffinch recap as well.
Pied Fantail
Packing the nets up when it is getting dark is interesting with the Lions roaring.  They sound very close just as though they are on the other side of the bushes!

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