Female Bellbird

Female Bellbird
Female Bellbird

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Island Bay Sunday 29 April

The session yesterday morning was cancelled because of rain so Annette and I tried again this morning. We managed to catch 61 birds of 5 species with 53 new and 8 recaptures. The catch was all introduced species and was dominated by House Sparrows with 48 new and 6 recaps. All the recaps were recently banded with several banded as unsexed Juvs which we have now been able to sex. There were 2 new Chaffinch with 2 recaps both of which are now into their second year i.e. now aged as 2.

Chaffinch 2 M

 Other species were 1 each of Dunnock, Blackbird and Starling. The Starling must have been a late fledgling as it was still completing both body and wing moult.

Moulting Starling J F

The strong wind affected the numbers caught but even so not a bad catch.

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