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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mt Albert Sat 31 March, More Silvereyes

Anneke and I had a busy couple of hours on Mt Albert (not really a mountain more a bit of a hill) this morning. We had a couple of nets up in the fennel patch targeting the early morning flock of Silvereyes. We managed to catch 46 with the only bycatch being 1 Dunnock. All birds were new with no recaptures. Not sure why we do not recapture more at this site. Either their is a huge number of birds or a big turn over, might work it out one day.
Like the Sparrows yesterday some of the Silvereyes are moulting primaries out of sequence.
When walking back home through Berhampore Anneke had the good fortune to watch a Falcon hassling a Harrier, a most unusual sight over suburban houses.

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