Welcome Swallow

Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Halswell Quarry Thu 7 March - Sparrows, lots of Sparrows.

We had a session at the Halswell Quarry this morning at a different site from the last couple of poor sessions. With some food put out during the week we were expecting a bigger catch, especially of House Sparrows. And that was what we got and not much else. The catch consisted of 56 birds, all except for a lone Greenfinch they were House Sparrows with 53 new and 2 recaps. Both the recaps were originally caught at other sites within the Quarry. Despite the lack of variety it was still a good morning especially for training, with the majority of birds being in moult the three trainees had a chance to extend their abilities.
Kenney giving a birds moult score to our scribe Sandra.

Jan was given the job of chief bag holder. She had a hip replacement last week and is making remarkable progress. We all wish her well and hope the good progress continues.

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