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Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Queenstown 14 March - a bit of banding at the stream

We drove down from Christchurch yesterday and will be down here for a couple of weeks getting the place ready for a Grandson's wedding. I put a couple of nets up at the stream at the bottom of the property this afternoon. Managed to catch 21 birds of 5 species, all were new and most juveniles.
Chaffinch - 11 all except 1 were male.
One of the Chaffinch had a very distinct growth bar across its tail. This was also across its wings.
Greenfinch - 4
Silvereye - 3
Bellbird - 2 and a Fantail, the first for a while.
One of the Bellbird, a juvenile male was undergoing its first moult.

The other was an adult female 

The Fantail as usual a fiesty little fellow.

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