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Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Thursday, 31 August 2017

At Wellington Zoo 23 July & 26 August 2017

Apologies for the delay in posting this.  Bird numbers are increasing at the zoo with an old Silvereye returning after 2997 days between captures (originally banded 9 May 2009). 

This beastie had two sets of bling applied, one being an A band which made us instantly aware that it was an old bird.

July Totals - recaps in brackets
Song Thrush 2(0)
Blackbird 2(0)
Silvereye 22(13)
Dunnock 2(0)
Greenfinch 7(1)
House Sparrow 8(1)
The crew waiting for the next batch

August Totals - recaps in brackets
Song Thrush 1(0)
Blackbird 2(0)
Silvereye 2(1)
Dunnock 4(0)
Greenfinch 13(1)
Chaffinch 1(0)
House Sparrow 17(4)

Photos courtesy of George Hobson.

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