Welcome Swallow

Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Monday, 6 February 2017

Wellington Zoo 4th February 2017

Here we are ... slowly getting things organized under the new regime.  It seems the the bird life has followed Peter south as numbers still are low even after pre-feeding.   Although there is a good deal of pest control at the zoo there were a number of very active rats to keep us entertained in the quieter moments.

Ros & Annette were the level 3 banders that supervised an eager crew. And the totals for the day were:
House Sparrow    12(2)
Dunnock       2
Fantail      1
Black Bird     1

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  1. Hello Peter. It's good to meet a fellow ringer on the other side of the world. I didn't know that you had redpolls in NZ until now. They are an intersting and rather troublesome family I agree and as you have read, in 2018 we are to revert to the situation in 2000. By all means use what information you like from my blog. I will now try to keep track of the redpoll debate in New Zealand.