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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Queenstown - 2015 totals

I haven't done much banding since the last post, just a couple of sessions. Caught mostly House Sparrows which seem to be breeding surprisingly well down here probably because hens are kept by neighbours on both sides of the property and their natural food is supplemented by highly nutritious laying mash. A Blackbird starting to moult was the most significant bird caught. The first in moult caught down here.
The first moulting bird.

Yesterday we all went to the  Glenorchy races which was a fun day with country racing at the extreme. A strong southerly blowing today so no banding so far this year.

The Ladies Gallop race

The total number of birds caught here since commencing banding in September is 520 new birds of 14 species and 186 recaptures. All the recaps are of course recently banded birds.
Silvereye - 128 (43) all the new birds were caught in first couple of weeks in September.
House Sparrow - 174 (29) a lot of juveniles caught in the last few weeks.
Blackbird - 40 (36)
Song Thrush - 22 (10)
Dunnock - 24 (26)
Chaffinch - 59 (29) a good number of birds from Sept have been recaptured.
Goldfinch - 10 (3)
Greenfinch - 5 (0)
Redpoll - 21 (1)
Yellowhammer - 16 (2)
Starling - 14 (6)
Tui - 4 (0)
Bellbird - 1 (0)
Kingfisher - 2 (0)

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