Welcome Swallow

Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Some Recoveries and some Changes

We have recently had three recoveries reported from the Banding Office.

  1. A Starling that was banded at the Zoo in July 2010 was controlled (shot) when it kept attempting to build a nest in a supermarket in Kilbirnie.
  2. A Silvereye that was banded at our Island Bay site in July 2013 was killed by a cat a short distance away. 
  3. A Tui banded at the Zoo in August 2014 was brought into a house in Brooklyn by a  cat (the cat owner doesn't think it would have killed it?) 
None of these birds had been recaptured after they were banded.

Some Changes to the Group

After 25 years in Wellington Ruth and I are moving back to the South Island. This means there will be changes to the Group's structure. Matu has agreed to become the Head Honcho and will be assisted by Annette, Ros, Ross and others. I am sure under their guidance the Group will continue being very active with banding in the Wellington area.

I will be continuing with banding in the Queenstown area  and will be putting summaries of my activities on this blog, hopefully there will be something of interest.

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