Colour Banded Tui

Colour Banded Tui
C Banded Tui © Peter Reese

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hornsey Rd Wed 24 June - a Silvereye record

I set the funnel trap here again on Wednesday morning with almost alarming success. Caught 131 Silvereyes which is the most individual Silvereyes I have ever caught here in one day since starting in 1995. The previous record was 124 caught on 21 July 2003 and the second highest was 114 on 26 June 2006. Wednesday's total included 43 new birds and 88 recaptures, most of the recaps were banded in the last couple of years, especially the last month or so. But there were some older birds, 11 banded in 2013, 5 in 2012, 7 in 2011, 1 in 2010, 1 in 2009 and 2 in 2008. It was the first time that the bird banded in 2010 has been recaptured so hopefully there are still more older birds out there.

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