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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Centennial Park, Miramar Sat 28 March - A new site

Joakim, Henk and I went to a small stream in Centennial Park in Miramar this morning. This is the place where the remains of 25+ birds have been found in the last few months, most if not all, were the victims of a domestic cat. Among them were at least 21 Tui as well as Blackbird, Song Thrush and Kingfisher.  All these are larger birds so it's anybodies guess as to how many smaller birds have been munched.
Joakim is the spokesperson for the restoration project for the park. www.temotukairangi.co.nz
Henk with the first birds caught.

Joakim photographing Henk with the first bird banded.

The site has very good potential but we have left it a bit late in the summer to really get a big catch. Nineteen birds were caught and all, not surprisingly, were new. 1 Fantail, 3 Grey Warbler and 15 Silvereye.
Almost half the Silvereye were caught together. The foliage in the background gives an idea of how a cat can ambush bathing birds. This little stream is probably the only available water in the area in a dry summer.

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