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Welcome Swallow
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Island Bay Monday 23 Feb - Heaps of Sparrows

Annette, Sarah V H, Roisin and I had a busy session this morning at our Island Bay site. Although we caught a total of 121 birds there wasn't much variety with only 4 species and by far the majority being juvenile House Sparrows. This is very typical for this time of year at several of our sites especially those that are fed. We knocked off about an hour earlier than usual when it started to rain (the rain had stopped by the time we had the nets down). The forecast was for heavy rain about midday.

Birds caught were - Blackbird 1, Dunnock 5, Chaffinch 4 plus a recap and 103 House Sparrows plus 7 recaps. The oldest recap was banded Feb 2013.
Annette, Sarah and Roisin busy at the net.

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