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Friday, 7 March 2014

Mt Albert Friday 7 March - more Silvereyes

Anneke and I had a banding session early this morning at the Mt Albert fennel patch.
Dawn breaking over the ranges with Wellington Airport in the middle
Unfortunately the birds were a bit later than usual in arriving and Anneke had to leave for work just as numbers were starting to build up.
Anneke removing a Silvereye from mist net.
Forty eight birds were caught with all but 2 being Silvereye The other 2 were the usual Dunnock and a Song Thrush which was the first bird of this species ever caught at this site.
The Song Thrush had a deformed lower bill, possibly due to injury

It was aged as a juvenile by the "thorn" pattern on the coverts among other indicators.
Of the Silvereye 8 were recaptures, all of which had been banded during the last few weeks.

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