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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Zoo Stream 5 & 12 March

I have had a couple of sessions at the stream near the Zoo with only limited success. Last Tuesday 5 March a 2 hour session late afternoon produced 9 birds of 4 species; all new birds. This morning I spent another couple of hours at the same stream and caught 12 birds also of 4 species and once again all were new birds.
The combined totals were -
Blackbird - 1 this was one of the largest Blackbirds we have caught - a male which weighed 114 g and had a wing length of 135 mm. It had finished its primary wing moult so could only be aged as a 2+.
Chaffinch - 9
Goldfinch - 3
Some of the juvenile Goldfinch are starting to show colour on their heads while others still look like newly fledged  little brown jobs.

Dunnock - 2
Fantail - 5
Tui - 1

Bridie's - 12 March

This afternoon I went down the road to Bridie's and operated the trap in her garden for a couple of hours targeting the House Sparrows she is feeding. Caught 20 new and recaptured 4.

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