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Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

No Recent Banding

There hasn't been any banding done for the last week as I have been in Canterbury visiting family. I doubt whether there would have been much if I had been in Wellington as the weather has not been good as anyone watching the All Black /Puma test on Saturday night would have realised.

Did a bit of birding while down south seeing over 50 species including White Heron (Great Egret), Crested Grebe and Cattle Egret all at, or near, Lake Ellesmere.
Three of the Cattle Egrets 
I did manage to see some banded birds; not passerines, but some colour banded Wrybill at the Ashley Estuary
A couple of the colour banded Wrybill at the Ashley Estuary
I hope to do some banding in the next few days but with a bad forecast it might not be possible.

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