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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hornsey Rd Silvereyes 29 May

  Set the Funnel Trap for Silvereyes today with considerable success. In all caught 38 with 17 new and 21 recaps. Of the recaps 7 were banded last week, 5 from Mt Albert earlier this year and the rest from previous years including 2 from Houghton Bay. The oldest was banded July 08. This is the highest tally of Silvereyes caught in May for at least 15 years with the previous highest being 30 in May 2003. Whether this is a taste of what is to come over the next few months or just an aberration time will tell.
Inmates waiting to be processed -can't be too bad as several came back for a second go.

I had a tentative go at catching some of the Yellowhammers in Houghton Valley one morning last week with some success. Managed to catch 6 before the sun got on the nets, decided that an afternoon session would be more successful but didn't get a chance to do this as they have now moved on.


Also caught a Kingfisher which was a surprise, both for me and the bird.


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